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Life is like a multi-storied building, standing on the foundation of your hard-work adding new floors of your dreams every time. Getting diagnosed with cancer is the biggest crack in its walls and enough to stumble it down since you know that all your life’s savings are going to slip off from your hands in the uncontrollably expensive treatments of this notoriously fatal disease.

Getting 10 lakh people diagnosed with cancer every year is not a good thing for Indians especially with a horrifying data of 6 to 7 lakh deaths per year. To be worst, this number will blow to 17 lakh new cases and 12 lakh deaths per year by 2035. But this is not the end of the trauma as the treatment costs are also increasing at a very fast pace with time. This fear is enough to drag & drop you on the doors of a health insurance company which commits you a lifetime protection from any health ailment.

But wait a sec. Are you going to buy any general medical insurance or a critical illness insurance policy?
Although the choice is yours but to suggest you honestly, for a disease like cancer it’s better to pick the latter one.


Well, there are many answers of all your “Why’s”.

When it comes to cancer, critical illness insurance is a good option as it covers every aspect i.e diagnosis to treatment in a better way which your general medical insurance can never do. The other insurance plans cover many types of diseases but many or most of them pay only for hospital charges and that too for Indian hospitals. Cancer is not a disease where you will spend few days in a hospital, reading a stock of colorful ‘Get Well Soon’ cards and return back in 3,4 days or a week saying things like I am fine now. It is a complete battle which starts on its own rules and ends on its very own selfish decisions.

So, critical illness insurance is the brightest hope to survive in case of any encounter with such horrifying diseases. Find a good option for yourself and invest your complete attention to understand the policy. Although, the quest can be a little difficult but there are certainly some good names in insurance market which properly serves the concerns of people with a full-proof policy plan.

To be very direct, cancer is not a disease in which you can delay the treatment waiting for sufficient finances. That’s why comprehensive policies against critical illnesses are best things to consider as they are designed to cover the overall and expensive treatments of the covered disease. In fact, the critical illness insurance policies are cheaper than general medical insurance as it covers some particular types of diseases.




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^BMODEL RELEASED. Cancer chemotherapy.^b Female patient receiving anticancer drugs from an intravenous drip bag. This continuously supplies the patient with a controlled amount of drugs that target cancer cells. The drugs target all rapidly dividing cells, which causes them to have a range of side effects, including hair loss. Cancer is a disease caused by the uncontrolled replication of abnormal cells, which can invade and destroy healthy tissue. The drugs in use here are ^Icytoxan^i and ^Iadriamycin^i. Photographed at Massachusetts General Hospital, USA.

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