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It’s so hard being a woman, isn’t it? Dealing with a lot of things internally and externally, coping up with pressure every day. Well, of course, every single human being is having problems and struggling with something that only they can understand. But, if I talk about physical illness, women are always on a high-risk rate of having a disease or we should say stigma. Ovarian cancer is one of those deadly diseases that, is slowly becoming an enemy of women. And talking about Ovarian Cancer, not every female is open to talk about it. I have a very good friend who was struggling with a small stage of Ovarian cancer and it took her a lot of time to tell me about her illness.

A lot of campaigns are also out there for the awareness of Ovarian Cancer, and it is safe to say that it is slowly becoming a main concern in the society as well. For those who don’t know, the main cause of Ovarian cancer is division in cells in an unregulated way in the ovary. But there are many other things that could be a reason for Ovarian cancer, like family history, a high number of total lifetime ovulations, Infertility or fertility treatment and obesity.

Dr, Manish Kumar Singhal, is the distinguished and best oncologist in Delhi NCR, Noida, who conducts spearheaded programme, discussions and health camps by especially keeping in mind of women illness and concerns. Having professional doctors in mind, Dr Singhal provides the best of treatments.

Talking about the early symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, It’s easy to overlook that because they’re similar to other common illnesses or they tend to come and go. Symptoms such as:


  • Abdominal bloating, pressure & pain
  • Abnormal fullness after eating
  • Difficulty in eating
  • An increased urge in urination
  • An increased urge to urinate


Although these are the symptoms of Ovarian cancer, many times it’s hard to detect whether they are real or not as these symptoms are very common and could prove to be something else than cancer. Your ovaries are in deep within the abdominal cavity, so you are unlikely to feel a tumor. There’s no routine diagnostic screening available for ovarian cancer. That is why it’s so important for a female to report unusual or persistent symptoms to your doctor as soon as possible There are basically 4 stages of Ovarian Cancer and one should always aware of what’s going on with their body as it’s hard to diagnose cancer if it reaches to 3rd stage. In a society that we live in, it is the most significant thing to make every female aware of their bodies, as women are the main source of livelihood. And, as someone well said


“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in”

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It’s so hard being a woman, isn’t it? Dealing with a lot of things internally and externally, coping up with pressure every day. Well, of course, […]
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