CCI Insight

Cancer Consult India (CCI), based in New Delhi, is a voluntary organization dedicated to cancer prevention and provides best cancer treatment in Noida as well as in India. At CCI, a team of highly motivated medical professionals have been actively engaged in cancer control activities. Through the activities of the community, we try to bridge the gap that exists in between the  cancer patients, knowledge, research, prevention and treatment in the country.

Led by Dr. Manish Kumar Singhal, the team of Cancer Consult India has an expertise that spans all types of chemotherapy, intensive protocols, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy in order to deal with the oncological emergencies, including the medical care of patients.  The experts understand all kinds of cancers, be it lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer or lymphoma/leukemia/myeloma.

CCI believes that in order to fight cancer and conquer it with confidence, there is a need to cater knowledge over the disease and how to prevent it. With a motive to spread awareness and cure cancer through our experience and expertise in amalgamation with the latest technologies, we are here to achieve healthier lives and healthier economies around the world. We cater the organized provision of medical care to the individuals in order to defeat cancer.

Cancer lost the battle against you Because it originally planned To make you weaker but Inadvertently made you stronger Now That you have survived Thank the disease for helping you Discover the fighter within…