Immunotherapy- Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer

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September 7, 2017
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Immunotherapy- Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer

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Cancer is not just one disease, but a giant group of almost 100 deadly diseases. There are more than ten various types of cancer that could hit a human body. Considering the fact, that there is already so much stress in everyone’s life, we all should at least try to live a healthy lifestyle. Talking about cancer, then it is easy to treat only if detected at an early stage. But if someone is struggling to a high level then, there are various other treatments that could at least cure the disease for a good period of time.

Immunotherapy is one that therapy, which refers to any treatment that uses the immune system to fight diseases, including cancer. Unlike chemotherapy, which kills cancer cells, immunotherapy acts on the cells of the immune system, to help them attack cancer. Many best cancer doctors in Delhi refer immunotherapy to the patients struggling from cancer stage III OR IV. Dr, Manish Kumar Singhal is amongst the best cancer doctors in Delhi that prescribe immunotherapy only to the potential patient, as according to the research it works on a very rare percentage of the patients.

Accompanied by intensive maintenance, this prolonged course of treatment is an economically unviable option and considered to be a breakthrough innovation in cancer care treatment in advanced cancers. Immunotherapy is a personalized treatment, intended to enhance the body’s own defense’s mechanism to combat and destroy cancer cells. It uses natural substances or cells made by our own body.

The reprogramming of the immune system in a patient’s body is through three-pronged strategy.

  • First, is the administer drug therapy against specific targets such as PD1/PD-L1.
  • The second is adoptive T cell transfer technology.
  • The third is the use of cancer vaccines.


In the first type, the drugs given boost the immune cells of the body to destroy cancer cells. Adoptive T cell transfer therapy involves the usage of T-cells, which fight infection are removed from the blood, later modified in the laboratory and injected into the patient’s body to treat cancer cells. Cancer vaccines when injected, triggers the immune system to recognize and destroy that antigen or related materials, thus killing the cancer cells and put an end to their progress.


As of now, immunotherapy has been successful among patients advanced stages of

  • Lung cancer
  • Head & neck cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Skin cancer


While research is still going to find out the possibilities, to cure other the other types of cancers too since decades now.

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