Things You Should Not Say to a Woman Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Things You Should Not Say to a Woman Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Things You Should Not Say to a Woman Diagnosed with Breast Cancer


When you come to know that someone has cancer, it can be difficult to recognize what to say. Regardless of whether you have the best intentions, it’s always a difficult part to blur out something that can be a little helpful. Humans are really sensitive, so always think twice or even better thrice before saying something. It may hurt them, especially when someone is fighting hard for life. Here are few things you should always avoid saying to a woman who diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Think Before You Speak”


  • Are you going to lose all of your hair?

Most ladies see hair as a connection to femininity and the thought of losing it can be difficult to endure. Especially for a patient who’s as of now thinning up top, its best not to make a comment related to their hair. Rather you should compliment them and make them feel good by saying positive things.

  • Will you lose your breasts?

Having a mastectomy isn’t essential, so don’t expect it’s the norm for each breast cancer patient.  Many specialists will biopsy the tumor before deciding the best game-plan. Rising exploration demonstrates that 10-year survival rates are equivalent to two-sided mastectomy and lumpectomy with radiation patients, so you may start knowing about fewer ladies having both breasts removed. The main concern is that a woman may not yet know whether or not she needs a mastectomy, so it’s good not to bring it up.

  • You don’t look Sick!

Not every person who is battling cancer will look tired all the time. Some people simply have a powerful and energetic personality whether or not they feel the same from inside. Respect their spirit and support them by saying something nice.

  • It must run in your family

Despite the fact that some breast cancer is tied to hereditary qualities, it’s not always the case.So, calling out somebody’s condition as a “family thing” is coldhearted and may not be appropriate. Plus, it may create more damage by stressing the patient.


  • Breast Cancer is the worst among all the cancers

Every cancer is bad. Instead of demoralizing someone’s spirit, you should appreciate them, encourage them to take the treatment right. Saying something like ‘Oh My God, you must feel terrible’ can be insensitive. Rather, be supportive and show some humanity.

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